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New England's Chessies - Welcome to New England's Chessies!    Where Training is a life long              commitment.    After having pet all my life, I know how they become a member if the family. We all love our pets, but not necessarily their entire behavior. I know that sometimes having a pet that doesn't understand how to act can be embarrassing or even dangerous. Pet behavior problems can also cause tension among family members, not to mention the dog, the neighbors, ect.   In most cases the dog needs to learn through positive reinforcement, who is the boss and how to act. When positive reinforcement is consistent, a dog will feel safe and secure and his behavior pattern will change for the better.   I will work with you to make your canine the perfect companion that you and your family can enjoy.

HR New England's Avery Girl Of Rippling Waters JR CGC 

Avery possesses a strong desire for partnership. She is beautiful, athletic and full of spunk!  Avery is always determined and her eagerness always puts a smile on our faces.  Avery is currently working her finished title in UKC.  Avery just earned her Junior hunting title in Akc going 4 for 4!
When Avery is not working she loves to be out hunting waterfowl and pheasant or just hanging out with the family.



  DOB: 4/18/2011
  Weight: 65 lbs
  OFA Hips:    Good         
  OFA Elbow: Normal
  EIC: Clear  
  OFA EYES: Normal     
                                                                                     DM: Clear                  
                                                                                     PRA-A1: Clear                                                                                                                                                                                         
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