New England's Chessies - Welcome to New England's Chessies!    Where Training is a life long              commitment.    After having pet all my life, I know how they become a member if the family. We all love our pets, but not necessarily their entire behavior. I know that sometimes having a pet that doesn't understand how to act can be embarrassing or even dangerous. Pet behavior problems can also cause tension among family members, not to mention the dog, the neighbors, ect.   In most cases the dog needs to learn through positive reinforcement, who is the boss and how to act. When positive reinforcement is consistent, a dog will feel safe and secure and his behavior pattern will change for the better.   I will work with you to make your canine the perfect companion that you and your family can enjoy.

 Our Chessies are both AKC & UKC  registered. They have Excellent marking ability, amazing memories and great temperaments. All of our dogs are excellent waterfowl and upland hunting dogs as well as great companions. They are tested against genetic diseases carried by the breed. (PRA, DM, EIC,  Hip & Elbow Dyspepsia   

About Chesapeake Bay Retrievers:

  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chessie, CBR, 
  • Male 65 to 80 lb (29 to 36 kg)
  • Female 55 to 70 lb (25 to 32 kg)
  • Characteristic of the breed is the texture of the double-coat Any color of  brown, sedge, or deadgrass with limited white spots.
  • Male 23 to 26 in (58 to 66 cm)
  • Female 21 to 24 in (53 to 61 cm)

A Chessie is know as a powerful and rugged retriever. They were developed along the shores of Chesapeake Bay in the 1800s to work in all types weather conditions. They are also valued for its bright and happy disposition, intelligence, affectionate and protective nature. The breed is successfully in all areas of competitions - field trials, shows, agility, obedience, hunt tests and tracking. The breed has also made excellent therapy, search/rescue and drug/bomb detection dogs. 

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